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without any annoying paperwork.

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and 15K other international couples who Marry in 🇩🇰 every year
Across Borders

You and your partner can live in the same country or different countries globally, you can still marry easily in Denmark.

Affordable & Legal

A small intimate wedding abroad will cost you much less than a big, full-blown out celebration in your home country, and it’s legal.

Stress - Free

You do not have to worry that something might go wrong during  your celebration, we are here to help you for the legalities to the final champagne toast.

Easy & Quick

Getting married in Denmark is most probably easier than in your home country. We can arrange your marriage in less than 10 days depending on the season.

Our concept

Fun, Adventurous and Affordable

A marriage is always a beautiful journey. A start of a new life. And we are here to make your journey a lot easier and stress free. Because I have also been in your shoes before. Struggling to get married to my partner. We tried everything, from our home countries in Germany and India. But still we couldn't get married to each other. And that's why I exactly know all the emotions you are feeling. A marriage is supposed to be beautiful and not stressful. And we are here to make everything easier for you.



all you need for your wedding

Marry in Denmark

Your Love Story

Every couple has their own Love Story. I am glad that you’ve decided to tie the knot! Let me take care of the stressful bits for you as you enjoy some of the prettiest moments of you life.


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