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Marry in Germany

3 Reasons why Marrying in Germany is NEVER easy!

Marrying in Germany is not easy at all. The process of marrying in Germany is very difficult because of the long bureaucratic process. Not to mention the tonnes of paperwork. It is one of the reasons why I chose Denmark instead of Germany for my wedding. And now, I will tell you why you should do the same!

Marrying in Germany – A bureaucratic battle

There are many stereotypes about Germany and its rules, but when it comes to Marriage, it definitely holds true. Especially if you are an interracial couple or an expat in Germany. Things get twice as difficult then. Let me explain with more detail.

On an average, it takes upto NINE MONTHS for a couple to marry with the recognition of Civil Registration offices. This is just for any couples! If even one of the couple is not from the EU, things become much more difficult! People see this as a huge systemic failure. And often times, end up choosing a different destination for their wedding. Such as getting married in Denmark! Which was my choice too.

However, let us talk about the process of marrying in Germany first. Why does it take so long!?

All Marriages are initiated by submitting an application at the local registry office (Standesamt). These offices are located in the town hall (Rathaus). Following the application, an notice is given of the impending marriage (Antrag auf Eheschließung). After this, you proceed to set up an appointment with the registration officers in the Rathaus. These officers will explain the process and provide you the list of documents needed.

At first, it may sound simple. But arranging this appointment is no easy task. Firstly you should schedule the meeting well in advance, so that both parties have sufficient time for the formalities. And both partners must attend this meeting. In the absence of one partner, the other partner must have the power of attorney to act. After all these steps, you will receive an approval from the office. You must marry 6 months within the approval, otherwise you need to seek a new approval. By going through the above process again!

List of documents you need to marry in Germany:

  • Passport of both partners
  • Official Statement of Residency
  • Original long form birth certificate (with parents’ names)
  • Birth Certificates of Children the couple have had together
  • Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) (Befreiung vom Ehefähigkeitszeugnis)
  • Affidavit confirming both parties are single (Ledigkeitsbescheinigung)
  • Marriage questionnaire
  • Certificate of finality of divorce (if applicable)
  • Marriage certificates from any previous marriages
  • Death certificate of the previous spouse (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of name change (if applicable)
  • Financial statements (if applicable)

Yes! These are the documents that you will need for your wedding! And it does not end there.

All of these documents are to be translated by a certified interpeter. Since your wedding is a legally binding contract, there needs to be complete undertanding between the couple during the process. Therefore, if one of you are not proficient in German, you need to hire an interpreter at the time of Civil Ceremony. This alone could cost you 100s of Euros!

In addition to that, if you are a Non-EU citizen, you might find that some of these documents do not even exist outside of Germany!

It is not worth the hassle!

Yes, you can get married in Germany by doing all the above mentioned processes. But why would you go through all that, when there is a much more simple alternative?

I am of course referring to Marrying in Denmark!

Your wedding day is meant to be one where you are happy, excited and full of hope about the new chapter of your life. It really should not be about booking appointments and signing hundreds of papers. This is why Marrying in Denmark makes sense!

In conclusion, getting married in Denmark is much easier than marrying in Germany!

Have you made up your mind on marrying in Denmark? However, you are not sure how to proceed? Do not worry!

We at Marry in Denmark will help you with that! Because we are very experienced in this.

Leave all the documentation and the legal work to us! Because your wedding day should be about love, happiness and excitement.

Not paperwork and appointments!

Before proceeding with the plans for your wedding, you are welcome to set up a free Consultation Call with me! Here is the link:

You can check out this video where me and my husband, Bharat, explain it with more detail!

I help international couples get married in Denmark stress-free and affordable.


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