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WELCOME TO Marry In Denmark

Hi! I’m Alina. I grew up in Germany and always loved to travel the world. The idea of living abroad was always an exciting one, hence I did a student exchange in the USA and lived there for one year. I met my husband when I was 19 and we decided to get married a few years later.


After struggling to get married in Germany and India because we were an interracial couple. A friend suggested that we get married in Denmark easy and fast since we finally wanted to start a life together as husband and wife. After getting successfully married in Denmark we started our life together. I started working in the Indian Consulate on 08.01.2017 and my husband started his Youtube Channel shortly after alongside his master studies. We would have never expected the Youtube Channel to grow so much but it did and with that our Businesses.


Now my husband has a successful online academy and a marketing consulting company. Before I started the Wedding planning I came up with the idea of buying a house on the beautiful island Aeroe where we got married. We purchased our house in late 2019 and have been renovating it ever since and it is slowly turning into my fairytale house. After owning the house and doing Airbnb I also decided to start helping other international couples to get married easily and fast in Denmark. Since I understand the struggle the best. And here we are now.

Marry in Denmark

company story

Marry in Denmark is my Wedding Planning agency. I love to help couples who are in the situation which I was once in. A wedding should be all about the couple and not a bureaucratic struggle. I am a one-woman team but this is more than enough. That’s why I also have very fair prices.

I love to take a lot of time out for each of my couples. Usually, if a couple decides to move forward with my services I stay in close touch with them throughout the whole process from the first thought to them starting a life together as husband and wife.



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No other place could have made our special day so memorable

It was very special to get married in Aeroe Island. We were figuring out where to get married and Denmark was our choice. Alina was very helpful in completing our applications correctly on time and showed great hospitality throughout our stay. Aeroe Diaries, Alina's company is very appropriate for international couples. The island itself is idyllic, serene and calm. No other place could have made our special day so memorable. Looking forward to spending our every 5th anniversary with Aeroe Diaries' AirBnB. We strongly recommend Alina's services for the marriage and also her AirBnB. The house is very spacious with three bedrooms, a well equipped kitchen and a common hall. There is also a huge garden with a fireplace and barbeque possibilities. Overall, the island and Alina's Airbnb is perfect for a detox in the lap of nature, far from the hustle and bustle of a city life.

best wedding consultant I could've asked for!

I got married with the help of Alina in Aeroe, Denmark! From the get go she helped us with every information we needed to get married and with the application process, all this during a pandemic. She always had information on her fingertips and advised us on everything we needed to know. I could ask any help and she was more than willing to help. She was constantly available on call or WhatsApp which was important for me as we planned our marriage within weeks and she made it happen. She is the sweetest and best wedding consultant I could've asked for.

Aeroe Diaries


I rent Aeroe diaries on Airbnb. It is located on a beautiful Island. From the moment I saw the house on the real estate website I already had a vision. The house was built in 1795 and is very old but very charming. It was hard for me to convince my husband and other family members with that vision but we took a leap of faith and decided to purchase it in 2019.


designed with love and care

The house is designed and renovated with a lot of love. I have dedicated two years of my life to make it perfect. Have a look and don't miss the opportunity to stay in this beautiful and charming Airbnb.


frequently asked questions
How easy it is to get married in Denmark?

Denmark is the easiest country to get married abroad!

The simplicity of the formal and legal requirements here allows us to help many couples marry. Danish law allows you to marry in our beautiful country without being residents. This is one of many reasons foreign weddings in Denmark have become so popular. The number of couples getting married in Denmark is increasing every year.

How can foreigners get married in Denmark?

A wedding in Denmark is an ideal solution if one or both of you are foreigners. We can help you get approved and registered by one of Denmark’s municipalities. Once accepted, you are well on your way to getting married.


Who cannot get married in Denmark?


You can NOT get married in Denmark if you have asylum seeker or refugee residential status.

Can same-sex couples marry in Denmark?

Same-sex couples can marry in Denmark. The country is a popular destination for LGBTQ weddings due to its inclusiveness. Since 1989, Denmark has permitted same-sex marriage with open arms. It was the first country in the world to do so. Same-sex marriage laws in Denmark are liberal and internationally recognized.