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Marry in Europe

BEST Way to Marry in Europe – Simple & Effortless! (2022)

It is no easy task to Marry in Europe. Especially if you are an international couple. But in this article we will bring to you the best solution to make your plans to marry in Europe easy and less dramatic.

Why is it hard to marry in Europe?

To marry in Europe is not an impossible task. But it gets extremely long, and difficult of a process. It is hard enough for citizens of Europe themselves, let alone Non-EU couples. To be precise, the following are usually the hindrances faced by most people to Marry in Europe:

  • Painful Bureaucracy : Painfully long and time consuming process. This is due to the general slow paced Bureaucracy. It is common in many European countries.
  • Paperwork : Tonnes of paperwork to get through the administrative process! A lot of proofs to submit. You must translate a lot of documents
  • Expensive : Not only are you stuck with work & waiting periods, you will also spend a lot of money!

You can check out this video where we talk about Marrying in Europe, especially for Non-EU citizens.

So, have you considered this?

If you feel intimidated and worried about the difficulty of marrying in Europe, do not! Because we do have a solution for you. Me and my husband Bharat were stuck in a similar situation. We wanted to marry in Germany, and the process was simply too long and complicated. On the other hand, marrying in India seemed an even bigger task. Here is why!

This is when one of our friends brough up the idea of marrying in Denmark.

Denmark is one of the world’s most attractive nations for both citizens and tourists. Many refer to it as the Las Vegas of Europe, simply because of how easy it is to marry in Denmark. A simple and quick approach towards marriage. For International Couples who wish to tie the knot legally, Denmark is the ideal destination to marry within Europe.

How is Denmark the Easiest Destination to Marry in Europe?

Firstly, let us talk about documents. Unlike Germany, Denmark has a simple list. All you need is:

  • Proof of Residency
  • Passport / EU ID
  • Visa

These are documents that you will certainly be able to arrange for. Whereas, birth certificates, and other specific documents asked in Germany are not always easy to get. If you are a non-EU citizen, chances are that you do not have these documents with you.

Why I recommend Denmark personally?

From my own experience, there are several reasons why I would recommend you to marry in Denmark too. Let me share them with you!

  • Firstly, the relative ease. Marriage is an occassion for celebration. A day to represent love, comittment and hope. It is not a day you should be worrying about having your documents in order. Marrying in Denmark ensures that you have a wedding the way it is supposed to be!
  • Secondly, Denmark is a stunning country, in fact a dream destination to marry! Historic buildings, Pristine Beaches, and beautiful Nordic Cities. This will make your wedding a wonderful celebration, rather than a simple ceremony. For instance, you can also marry in Ærø, a paradise like Island that gives you a break from the hustles of big cities.
  • Finally, the danish legal system. Regardless of who you are, you are equal in the eyes of Danish law. Age, Race, Color, Sexuality – none of it matters. If you want to marry in Denmark, you are free to do so! This is not the case with many countries.

Marry in Denmark – We will help you!

Here is another thing to remember.

Just because the process of marrying in Denmark is easy, does not mean that you should take it lightly. Even a single mistake in the documentation can delay the process by a couple of months. We are professionals and know the process in and out. We have been able to help international couples marry in as few as ten days and over the difficult process to us and get to fully soak in the most meaningful day that marks the beginning of your
new life together.

You can book a free consultation with Alina to get started!

I help international couples get married in Denmark stress-free and affordable.


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