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Complete Guide about Marrying in Ærø 


Why is Ærø worth a visit? 

Aero has been described by many as a paradise island, it is what fairytales are made of, it has an old worldly charm to it yet holidays here can be described as the epitome of modern luxury, historical homestays, high-end Airbnbs, charming European hotels, spas, saunas, boat rides and Danish country charm. It is also historically significant with spectacular views of the north sea. 

It has also become a popular wedding location because of how easy and uncomplicated it is to get married in Ærø. And finally, Denmark’s people are kind and helpful, and most speak English fluently which makes the experience even better! 

Getting to Ærø 

Ærø is an island in the South Funen Archipelago, it is located in the south of Denmark. Driving to Ærø takes 1 and a half hours from the German border and then taking the ferry or you can drive approximately 3 hours from Copenhagen and take the ferry. You can take a ferry to Ærø from these 3 Harbours: Svendborg, Faaborg and Fynshav

If you would prefer to travel by train, you can take the train to Svendborg, which takes approximately two hours. Passengers can either travel on foot or with their cars on the ferry. It is recommended to book a spot on the ferry if you’re travelling by car because the ferries can get booked fairly soon. On the ferry, it takes about 75 minutes to reach the island. Ferry tickets vary in price depending on whether you’re travelling by foot or by car, as well as the season. Prices can be found here 

Accommodation and Activities on Ærø 

There are lots of Airbnbs, B&Bs, hotels and homestays that are open around the year. We recommend staying at our Airbnb, which is a recently renovated historic house. In addition to providing all modern amenities, we also offer electric bikes for exploring the region. 

There are beaches, museums, golf courses, the historic Skjoldnæs lighthouse, Nordic scenery to explore and beautiful bike routes. It’s worth spending a little time exploring the island’s cafes and restaurants. These places serve authentic Nordic Danish food as well as tea and cake. The island is famous for its fish dishes, so you’ll find plenty on the menu. 

Photographers and Hairstylists 

The island has many photographers and hairstylists who work on the island or travel there for weddings. They are available in all different price ranges, and we can certainly recommend a few. Let us know and we’ll get you in touch!

The marriage process  

Getting married in Ærø is a straightforward process. The documentation is simplified and all you require is a tourist visa or a visit visa, Passport or EU ID, Single Certificate if applicable. The entire process does not take longer than 10 days to organize and the Marriage is internationally recognised through the Apostille convention. 

Our goal at MarryinDenmark is to make your wedding day as uncomplicated, memorable and cherished as possible. To discuss specific details, please book a free consultation. Please click here to schedule a free consultation

I help international couples get married in Denmark stress-free and affordable.


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