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Interreligious Weddings in Denmark

Interreligious Weddings in Denmark – All you need to know!

Interreligious Weddings in Denmark are growing to be the norm. With Denmark being one of the best countries in the EU for quick and easy weddings, find out how one can plan an Interreligious Wedding in Denmark.

What are Interreligious Weddings?

The idea of Interreligious weddings is simple. It is the event of two people from different Releigous faiths getting married. Usually in most European Countries, there are no religious marriage acts. The common types of marriages you would come across in most countries are Court Marriages. Marriages are registered first through a legal procedure, and after that it is upto you to plan your wedding in a religious manner.

However, this is not the case for most interreligious couples who may have planned to get married back in their home countries. I say this from my own personal experience. Bharat and I are an Interreligious couple ourselves, with Bharat a Hindu and me a Christian. Firstly, interreligious marriages are not very common in India. There are several religious marriage acts in place in India and many other countries similarly. Accordingly the wedding norms in many of these countries are very religious.

Thus our only choice was to get married in Europe. While it is easy for Interreligious couples to marry in Europe, the Court Marriage procedure itself is a big problem. Especially in Germany, where marriages make you drown in paper work and bureaucracy.

However, our worries turned into joy when a friend of mine suggested Denmark as the destination for our wedding!

So what about Interreligious Weddings in Denmark ?

Denmark is a lot different from many countries. Here, you would be welcomed as a couple to get married as per your wish. Because Denmark does not frown upon the idea of Interreligious Weddings. On one hand many countries in the world would not be a safe desitnation for interreligious weddings, Denmark is as safe and comfortable as it gets.

Marriage is a beautiful time in all of our lives. So it is only right to plan your wedding in such a place where you feel blessed and welcome regardless of your race, nationality or religion. This is why a lot of people get married in Denmark, including myself!

It does not matter in Denmark, if you are Muslim and she is Hindu, or if you are white and he is
brown or if you are a women and so is the individual you love. We do not discriminate and will
not stand for any distrimination. Everyone has the right to love and we will stand in strong
support of all loving relationships. We at Marry in Denmark also stand fully in favour of this view.

But the best aspect of getting married in Denmark is how easy it can be ! This is why myself and Bharat chose Denmark as the destination for our wedding!

How to plan Interreligious Weddings in Denmark?

There are two main reasons why you should plan your wedding in Denmark in the first place.

  • Very few Documents Required
  • Brief Legal procedure
Interreligious Weddings in Denmark
Me and Bharat during our wedding in Ærø, Denmark

Yes! It is relatively very easy to marry in Denmark. But that does not mean you can take the process lightly. The legal system in Denmark is very strict. And even the tiniest of errors in the documentation process could get your wedding postponed upto 3 months! With the difficulties of planning Interreligious weddings in other countries, this could really ruin your wedding plans.

However, you don’t have to worry about it. We at Marry in Denmark strive to eliminate any compromises in the process of registering your wedding as a couple. We are here to support you all the way from collecting the necessary documents, signing the legal papers, up until you take your wedding pictures with the brightest smile on your face 🙂

Interreligious weddings in Denmark
A beautiful moment from Raj and Stephanie’s wedding – one of many Interreligious Weddings we help organize in Denmark

Regardless of where you wish to marry in Denmark, you will have our expert support guiding you in the right path. Ensuring a smooth and happy wedding.

Leave all the hassle to us, and enjoy every moment of the beautiful ocassion. Relax and have the time of you rlife, while we take care of the necessities for your marriage to be official.

You can book a complete FREE Consultation Call with me you have questions about marrying in Denmark and want to inquire about our services, book a call below!

You can also watch this detailed Youtube Video on the topic of Interreligious Marriages.

I help international couples get married in Denmark stress-free and affordable.


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