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Here is an overview of my most favorite places where you can marry in Denmark. I offer weddings all over Denmark. If you have a place in mind which is not on my list you can simply email me and I will let you know the details about that place.


Ærø is my absolute favorite location to get married in Denmark. It's the place I myself got married and where I know the marriage office in and out. I also own a house on Ærø and call this island home. Even though I don't spend the whole year in Ærø, it's a place I am always eager to return to and so do many of my couples who marry in Ærø. Ærø is one of the most popular places in Denmark to get married not just because of its beauty but also its very kind people. Many times after you get married everybody will stop to congratulate you. You can ask anybody for help. We had a lady in a toy shop make a
veil for a bride because she forgot to bring hers. So people will go out of their way to help you out. And yes, most people speak perfect English. Ærø is definitely the fastest place to get married. I was able to arrange weddings after two days after receiving the approval. Like I already said, it's the most beautiful place in my opinion. It is a super romantic place and a great place for wedding photography.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and very accessible due to its international airport. Copenhagen is the most popular location in Denmark to get married. Mostly because of its accessibility and because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located close to the marriage office. Especially for my international couples who come from outside the EU and don't have much time to get married. Copenhagen is a great choice. But in general, Copenhagen is a stunning City with lots of things to do and great for a small trip. The waiting time in Copenhagen from experience is around 2 months for an appointment free of charge but there is an option of a paid appointment which can be booked faster for an additional cost of 1500 dkk.


Kolding is a wonderful town that is in the heart of Denmark, just 50 minutes from the German border. It is a nice small town with lots of restaurants and green areas for photography.
Christiansfeld is a venue that is part of the Kolding Kommune. And it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. In my personal opinion Christansfeld is my preferred wedding location out of the two. It is very very beautiful and historical. Christansfeld is 50 minutes from the German Border. Waiting time for both of the locations is approximately 3-4 weeks from experience.


Roskilde is a city very close to Copenhagen. It takes around 30 minutes from central station Copenhagen to Roskilde by train. I highly recommend this location if the waiting time in Copenhagen is too long and you would like to marry somewhere close to Copenhagen. The waiting time is about a month from experience to get an appointment. It's a very charming city with a very convenient location. It's also a World Heritage Site.


Esbjerg is located around 1 hour and 50 minutes from the German border. It is a seaport town with lots of water around.
Ribe is located 1 hour 20 minutes from the German Border. One of my favorite locations. Ribe is a very historic town with lots of Viking History and is in fact one of the oldest towns in Denmark.
The waiting time to marry in Esbjerg/Ribe is around a month from experience.

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