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My country doesn’t recognize same sex marriages. What to do?

There are many countries that do not recognize the fact that #loveislove. Many countries have failed to establish a safe, welcoming and respectable environment for two people of any sex or gender to get married. The process of getting married as a gay couple can feel like a never-ending journey through many obstacles in certain countries. Consequently, the entire experience becomes dehumanizing, and unappealing and saps the joy from one of the happiest days of one’s life. 

There have been numerous couples we have spoken to who had reached the point of total hopelessness before finding out about the possibility of getting married in Denmark. 

As a country with an exemplary level of equality between men and women, Denmark fosters behaviours that surpass social barriers that contribute to creating a more open society. The equality between men and women in Denmark supports a culture of freedom. Danish society is proud of its view on and acceptance of same-sex marriage as a result of this environment. In 1989, Denmark became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage. Therefore, Denmark has been known for its progressive policies for more than 30 years. 

The Danish government has made gay marriage legal as well as treated it with equal respect. So much so that the Danish parliament recently passed a law requiring all churches in the Nordic country to conduct gay marriages. 

If you find it hard to get married in your country or that the process is biased or not respectful to you, it’s time to consider Denmark, a country that will welcome you with dignity and provide you with a safe haven where you can legally and respectfully get married. 

Book a free consultation with me to discuss your specific case and to learn more about the process. You can count on a dignified, beautiful and hassle-free experience if you work with me.

I help international couples get married in Denmark stress-free and affordable.


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