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Non EU nationals can now marry in Denmark easily!

Marrying as Non EU Nationals can sometimes be difficult on the legal side of things, but not in Denmark ! Read the article to find out how you can easily Marry in Denmark as a Non EU Nationals.

Can Non EU nationals get married easily?

Firstly, this question is tricky. While marrying as Non EU nationals will be possible, the process of marriage will be extremely complicated.

Marrying in Germany, for instance, will be difficult. However, for non-EU nationals it is even more difficult. This happens because of the lengthy documentation & legal procedures in Germany.

Documents of Non EU Nationals do not tend to be recognized in European countries. As a result the process gets extensive and tiring. In addition to that, language difficulties make things much harder for Non EU nationals.

It is possible to get your documents recognized. But it becomes expensive and time consuming with processes like Notarization, Translation, Attestation and so on. Going through these steps alone could take upto 9 months!

But why wait 9 months while you can explore a much more simple, fast and accessible option?

Marry in Denmark – The best country for Non EU Nationals to marry

Marrying in Denmark is the best solution out there. For Non EU nationals, it is super simple to plan their wedding over here.

The best part is the ease of marrying in Denmark!

All you need is two mandatory documents for the legal procedure.

  • Passport
  • Visa

However, there are other supporting documents you can submit, but it is not mandatory!

If you marry in Denmark, your marriage will get recognition internationally through the Apostille Convention. So Germany, India or any other nation will recognize your marriage to be legal.

The borders of Denmark is welcoming towards people regardless of their race, nationality, religion. People in love are able to marry their soulmates without any obstacles here in Denmark! Thus marrying in Denmark is the best option for many Non EU nationals out there.

Take a look at this article where I talk about religion and the role it has in weddings in Denmark!

How we at Marry in Denmark can help?

Wedding days should be full of fun, excitement and happiness. And it should not be about drowning in paperwork and signing documents. This is why we at Marry in Denmark work to make sure that your wedding day remains what it is truly about. Love.

Leave all the hassle to us. Marrying abroad is already a huge step ahead! During this time you need the best guidance & support available.

You possibly are now wondering if only signing papers without an actual celebration is worth it. I
can vouch for how wonderful it is to value the day you sign legal marrige papers. Your legal
wedding is also a day to make memorable and bureaucracy free. We will help you celebrate this
day and make it extraordinary with our package deals that will make the marriage registration so
much more than just signed legal documents.

Marry in Demark will ensure that your documents are all in order, and the legal procedure is wrapped up without any room for errors. Becasue we are very experienced in this! We have helped more than 200 couples to marry in Denmark!

Non EU nationals getting married in Denmark
Sankar and Sadhvi who are Non EU Nationals, enjoying a stress-free wedding with the help of us at Marry in Denmark

Before proceeding with the plans for your wedding, you are welcome to set up a free Consultation Call with me! Here is the link

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I help international couples get married in Denmark stress-free and affordable.


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