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Our Luminary clients share their stories.

Fedor & Valentina

When me and my wife Valentina came to the conclusion, that it’s time to get marry abroad, we’ve quickly realized that actually it’s not gonna be as easy as we thought Most countries have a complicated bureaucracy and require lots of documents from our home country which was pretty hard for us to get.

After a little research we’ve decided that Denmark would be the easiest and the most beautiful place to marry. However, still many things were unclear for us and we were afraid to make a mistake and lose this opportunity

That’s why we’ve started to look for a consultant, who could guide us through the process. Alina was the only person who gave a reasonable price, explained everything from the start even without demanding any prepayments, was always ready to answer any questions and said that it would be possible to marry within two weeks if we prepare the documents asap. What we did and after two weeks we were on Ærø island.

If you look in Google, the island might not look any special. But when we reached it – we were just stunned by its beauty and cosines! An absolutely lovely place which I would recommend for everyone!

We are very thankful to Alina for helping us and making this unforgettable marriage possible and stressless. It was worth every cent we’ve paid

Mary Joy & Lukas

Getting married in a different nation or country is not easy, but thanks to Miss Alina, she helped us in every step of the way to fulfill our dream of becoming an official husband and wife.
She is very supportive, understanding, and very polite when answering each and every question that we have. She is very professional and ensures that our marriage in Denmark is going to succeed! And we did it!
Vielen Dank Alina!❤️
– Lukas and MJ –

Addy & Emmanuel

Unlike any other couple, we want to take our relationship one level higher, and We only have 10 days to get everything settled. Because everything was last minute, we got dozens of no’s. Until, I found Alina and her page on google. We finally got a “yes”. After 5 days, she made it happen! She has this magic with her, that made everything work, at the very last minute. ‘Cause next thing I know, I’m saying “I do” to the love of my life. The word “clutch” is an understatement for Alina. She is very nice and accommodating. I definitely recommend her to any couple who wants to get married in Denmark, hassle-free and full of Magic! ♥️

Nitesh & Gita

Alina was extremely helpful to us throughout the marriage process. Right from the initial consultation call till the marriage certificate she guided us in the right direction and handled all the documentation work with care.
We’re lucky to have found her

Punit & Hardik

Alina was not only very supportive but also proactive in finding us a last minute wedding slot in Aero. She made the whole process very smooth for us, and we are very grateful to her for all the efforts and compassion. 

Can highly recommend her to any couple who wants to get married in Denmark. 

Carlos & Natalia

We got married in Copenhagen with Alina’s help. The process was easy and fast because the instructions given by Alina were always clear. She was always willing to solve our doubts in an honest and reliable way, accompanying us and updating us about the process

Isabelle & Rohit

My husband and I got married in Copenhagen City Hall. We were struggling to get married in Germany (me being an Austrian citizen and my husband being Indian). After watching Alinas and Bharats videos for some time I found out that Alina offers wedding consultancy and after a short video guidance chat with Alina we decided to go ahead with it. 

And what can I say, it was one of the easiest things and we love how simple it was. Alina took away all the legal paperwork that would have come our way and made our journey to getting married super smooth and easy. Whenever we had any doubts/questions she was there immediately and guided us. We felt very well supported throughout this journey. 

Thank you Alina, from both of us for helping us get married and having a wonderful wedding in Denmark! 

Shiva & Nandini

We are happy and really grateful for the wonderful time we had. Alina’s generosity and commitment impressed us. We value your support in making our wedding wonderful and uncomplicated. You made it possible for us to have a wonderful, heartfelt, and magnificent ceremony on a beautiful Danish island, something we could not have done without you. Thank you so much for your support. 

Julia & Antoine

Great experience with Alina. Everything was clear and smooth. It really allowed us to enjoy our big day. Alina remains all time available if you have questions during the process. 

Prachi & Nitesh

Hi Alina, I really appreciate all the efforts you put in starting from our first video call until the final ceremony. Your preparedness in our first call caught my attention and made me go with your service. Your pdfs on how to reach Aeroe and the video on what to expect when we reach there were gold stars. It removed any unknowns and confusion we had. Thank you for making it so simple. We had a great time, thank you 

Julia & Oscar

Für uns war es zu 100% die richtige Entscheidung diesen wunderschönen Lebenschritt gemeinsam mit Alina auf Ærø zu gehen. Die Insel ist wunderschön, der Prozess einfach und schnell und Alina hat uns die ganze Zeit begleitet, alle Fragen hervorragend beantwortet und ist ein super herzlicher Mensch. Wir würden uns immer wieder genau so entscheiden. Vielen Dank Alina! Liebe Grüße Oscar & Julia 

George & Johanne

Getting married in Aeroskobing, Denmark, was a wonderful experience. The Island is beautiful and everyone made us feel very welcome. Alina was a great help with organizing our documents and managed to get us an appointment for our wedding within just a couple of days! She was always reachable, gave us all the information we needed and was always able to answer our questions. We would definitely recommend getting married in Denmark with her help! Thank you Alina!

Sankar & Sadhvi

It was very special to get married on Aeroe Island. We were figuring out where to get married and Denmark was our choice. Alina was very helpful in completing our applications correctly on time and showed great hospitality throughout our stay. Aeroe Diaries, Alina’s company is very appropriate for international couples. The island itself is idyllic, serene, and calm. No other place could have made our special day so memorable.

Looking forward to spending our every 5th anniversary with Aeroe Diaries’ AirBnB. We strongly recommend Alina’s services for the marriage and also her AirBnB. The house is very spacious with three bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and a common hall. There is also a huge garden with a fireplace and barbeque possibilities. Overall, the island and Alina’s Airbnb is perfect for a detox in the lap of nature, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Akki & Julian

I got married with the help of Alina in Aeroe, Denmark!
From the get go she helped us with every information we needed to get married and with the application process, all this during a pandemic.
She always had information on her fingertips and advised us on everything we needed to know.
I could ask for any help and she was more than willing to help.
She was constantly available on call or WhatsApp which was important for me as we planned our marriage within weeks and she made it happen
She is the sweetest and best wedding consultant I could’ve asked for.
Thanks once again Alina