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What are the list of documents required to marry in Denmark?

It might happen that you met the love of your life on a cruise ship, in a library or on Tinder. You wish to marry each other. But, there’s a problem. You both belong to different nationalities. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. You both marry in Denmark without any trouble!

Why Denmark?

You might be wondering about this. And there’s a simple answer. In Denmark, there are simple procedures and a good hospitality sector. On top of that, the government greatly supports people who want to marry in Denmark. But most importantly, marrying in Denmark is 100% legal. And we at marryindenmark can help your wish come true.

We at marryindenmark help people from different nationalities to marry in Denmark without any hassles. We have several packages that you can choose from. We will also guide you with the legal process and ensure you enjoy one of the best moments of your life. 

You will have to submit a few documents to meet the formalities. Don’t worry; there is not a lot that you must provide. Just a few essential documents that you are mostly bound to have. 

Documents that you will require to marry in Denmark:

  • Passport: This is a document that you will need to have without fail
  • Visa: Only required if one of you or both of you require a Visa to get into Denmark
  • Birth certificates of children you may have with your partner
  • Death or divorce certificate- In case you or your partner have been married in the past.

Here are the packages that we provide:

  1. Essential(€290): In this package, you will receive help with the paperwork, instructions regarding the application and how to book the marriage appointment. 
  1. Complete(€750): This will include the services provided in the Essential Package. On top of that, there are other services provided to ease the process. We will submit the documents on your behalf, book the ceremony date and handle the communication with the Agency of Family Law. This includes the Application Fee(€220) for the Agency of Family Law and the Apostille Fee (€27). Other agencies charge considerably higher for the Apostille Fee.( up to 300 euros)
  1. Complete+ Staying at our beautiful Airbnb** (€995): Again, this package includes all the services provided in the Complete Package. In addition to that, you also avail yourself and your partner of a stay of 2 nights at our beautiful Airbnb* which is located in Ærø. The cleaning fee associated with Airbnb is included in the package (50€). 

*Every additional person you bring will cost 30€ extra per night. 

** This price is only valid during the off-season (August – June). For the high season prices (July & beginning of August), you can contact us via email and we will revert back with the offer. 

Still wondering why Denmark is an easy wedding destination? Book your free consultation call with us and clear all your doubts.  

I help international couples get married in Denmark stress-free and affordable.


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