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What is the approximate cost of getting married in Denmark?

Why it’s worth it to hire a wedding agency

It is possible to get married in Denmark for as little or as much money as you desire. MarryinDenmark offers our clients a variety of options so that they can plan and budget accordingly. 

Initial consultation: € 0 

A 30-minute call is offered to all our clients. Since we believe getting to know each other, and getting familiar with the Danish marriage process is important before we decide to work together. We can help you navigate the process and answer a few questions related to your individual situation. 

The Essential Service:€ 290 

With this service, we act as your complete guide. You will be provided with a list of documents to get everything in order before filing. We will help and assist you through the process of preparing the documentation. Followed by detailed instructions on how to apply and book the marriage appointment. This service is very valuable since the guidance you get through us is trustworthy and updated according to the changing laws as we navigate through pandemics and other global situations. 

The Complete Service: € 750 

This is a full-service package where we take over the entire process until the day you are married. 100% of the application is handled by us. All the communication with the authorities and any problems during the process will be taken care of by us. We provide guidance while preparing the document list. We Submit the documents on your behalf, we book the ceremony date and handle all Communication with the Agency of Family Law. We also handle the process with the Agency of Family Law Application, the Fee of €220 is included and the Apostille Fee is included €27.

This is a unique service that we offer as included in our complete package. Most other marriage agencies require you to pay separately for the Application fee and the Apostille fee. We highly recommend using this service for all our clients. Working with a wedding agent can save you time, effort and money. All the bureaucratic work that goes into planning a wedding is extensive and can feel very burdensome when doing it for the first time.

With an agency such as ours, you simply hand over the difficult work. Come to Denmark to get married and forgo the stress of the process. You can truly enjoy your wedding day. Celebrate without worrying about any bureaucratic processes.

Complete service and stay: 

In the package, not only do we offer all the services from the complete service but also organize your stay at our beautiful heritage Airbnb in Aero. This is a service that is far superior to any other since. We take over all the bureaucratic planning as well as sort out your stay. And make sure that you will have a comprehensive tailor-made experience where all major organizations and planning are catered for.

This leaves you with so much more time and mental energy to enjoy and fully live your wedding day as well as experience the beauty and wonder of Aero. We highly suggest getting married in Aero since it is so easy to get to from Germany and has the most beautiful picturesque locations for wedding photos. This could be the destination island wedding of your dreams! 

Look through the Airbnb Listing for pictures and more information about the location and your stay here

I help international couples get married in Denmark stress-free and affordable.


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