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Marry in Denmark?

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Did you know that Denmark is a top destination country among international couples because it’s such an easy country to get married in?

Nowadays, having your marriage in Denmark is the most affordable and legal way to register a marriage quickly and without bureaucratic delays. My Weddings have been helping people tie the knot in the simplest and most convenient way. This is possible because of my expertise and detailed knowledge of the marriage laws of Denmark.

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All you need is only 2 mandatory documents. Contact me now!


frequently asked questions
What Documents do we need to get married ?
  1. Passport (International) or ID Card ( EU citizens)
  2. Residency Permit (for people residing in EU)
  3. Valid Schengen Visa (who are not residing in EU)
  4. A Certificate proving that you are Single (not mandatory)
  5. Address Proof (not mandatory)


If you are residing in Germany:

You can provide Erweiterte Meldebescheinigung as Address and Single Status proof.


In case of Divorce:

A divorce decree or death certificate (Hague Convention Apostille or in case the country is not in the Hague Convention other legalizations might be required)


In the case of having children together

Original birth certificates for any children you have with your partner.


In case you are in the military

Military order and leave permission



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Who can get married in Denmark ?

People from all over the world can get married in Denmark – and of any gender, religion and nationality. Same-Sex couples can also get married without any problem.

Can Foreigners get married in Denmark?

Absolutely! It doesnt matter if only one or both are foreigners.

Can non-EU Citizens get married in Denmark?

Yes, we have couples from all around the world. As long as you can fulfill the Document requirements.

How long do we have to stay in Denmark?

In some locations you can finish the process in 24 hrs but most locations require you to register a day before the wedding so 2 days of stay are recommended for a relaxed process.

Can Same Sex couples get married in Denmark?

Absolutely! The country is a popular destination for LGBTQ weddings. Since 1989, Denmark has permitted same-sex marriage with open arms. It was the first country in the world to do so. Same-sex marriage laws in Denmark are liberal and internationally recognized.

How fast can I get married in Denmark?

After all the documents are provided by the couple. I can move ahead and apply for a marriage approval that usually takes 5 days. After receiving the approval the appointment can be booked if you are flexible about the location the marriage can take place just a few days after we received the approval.

When do I get the marriage certificate?

You will receive the marriage certificate right after the marriage.

Do I need an Apostille Stamp?

Your International marriage certificates issued in Denmark are legally recognised worldwide but some governments require it for administrative tasks. I always recommend getting one and it’s included in the price. You never know where life takes you and there you might need it.

Can I change my name directly in Denmark?

No, you have to do it in your home country or your home country’s consulate/embassy.

Do I need to bring witnesses to my wedding ceremony?

No, the witnesses are provided by the Marriage office.

Can I get married in Denmark on a Tourist Visa?

Yes, you can. We can only start the application process once you have your Visa and the Visa must be valid during your stay in Denmark. If the Visa is not issued by the Danish authorities it should be a Schengen Visa.

Do I need a birth certificate?

No, it is not required. 

Is Marriage Recognized in Germany?

Yes, one of the languages the certificate comes in is German.

Do I need a single status certificate?

No, it is not a requirement but I like to submit it while applying so the process doesn’t get delayed in case they request it.

Where in Denmark can I marry?

It is your choice only. But I always recommend the beautiful island Ærø. There are many reasons for that. It is a fairytale island, it’s close to the German border, they are very flexible with the appointments.


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